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Run vbscript from powershell with parameters

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I have been using the following references for this Calling powershell function from T_SQL. This is on SQL server 2016. The element I need help on is the format of the call in SQL to the powershell script passing in the parameters (filepath / file name / file extension). Use the powershell_script resource to execute a script using the Windows PowerShell interpreter, much like how the script and script-based resources bash, csh, perl, python, and ruby are used. The powershell_script is specific to the Microsoft Windows platform, but may use both the the Windows PowerShell interpreter or the PowerShell Core (pwsh) interpreter as of Chef Infra Client 16.6 and later.

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The script is triggered on logon and until today it was working fine, I rolled it out to a new group of users and it wouldn't register in Task Scheduler..

Run vbscript from powershell with parameters

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You could improve your script by assigning a variable to "Start-Process" and then check it's exitcode to determine whetever it was successful. Otherwise there is no point in the -passthru argument. Don't know what you're deploying through, but without proper exitcode handling when deploying software with powershell scripts through SCCM - you'll. Scheduled task to run a 32-bit PowerShell Script with three arguments. 8. Defrag options in Windows Server 2012. 2. ... PowerShell script running from scheduled task: action failed to start, directory name invalid. 1. How to run a Windows Task that executes a PowerShell script as the Windows Local Service account. 0.

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