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Jq add field to nested object

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There is plenty of material on the web to describe the jq commands and expressions but let us just run through our example: . The dot represents the incoming object. Adding Field names after the dot is essentially dot notation, allowing you to drill into a structure e.g. .fld.fld2.fld3 The array operator [] with no arguments (e.g. [] not [0]) "unwinds" the array, turning into a sequential set. The output of the [] operator is similar to the basic jq '.' output because the . operator automatically iterates through any arrays it encounters. However, the [] operator can be extended to display the value of a specific field for each item in the array. Follow the [] operator with the . operator and the name of the property inside the array item. To display only the value field from. The problem is that i can't get it to append to the object with each iteration, it is creating a new object, i want to append to the same one. Here is the desired output Copy Code.

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To know more about jq follow the link. Objective: Parse the json from a file or end-point using `jq` and retrieve id-value pair for further process. Additional condition: if the field `name` have pattern: "test1, test2, test3 testN" then create a CSV file with fields: id,name,value. Example Data Set: sample-output.json.

Jq add field to nested object

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Also, be sure to always wrap your jq selector in a single-quotes, otherwise bash tries to interpret all the symbols like ., whereas we want jq to do that. Iteration. Now let's see how iteration works. The array or object value iterator operator, .[], is what makes it possible. Here's a really basic example: echo '[1, 2, 3]' | jq '.[]'. Insert rows into the table. INSERT INTO my_subject (sub_id, sub_name, sub_schedule_day) VALUES (101, 'Maths', my_nested_table ('mon', 'Fri')); You insert rows into the nested table same as you insert into the normal table. However in order to insert data into the column of nested table type you first have to write the name of nested table which. Nov 05, 2021 · jq is a handy and lightweight open-source utility designed to display, filter, process, and transform the contents of JSON files. It is particularly useful for iterating through JSON array objects.jq is easy to install and is often part of the default package on many systems. It can also be installed using a package manager.. A JSON data object is a collection of one or more.

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